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The Future of Touchless Tech in Convention Centers

The Future of Touchless Tech in Convention Centers

Now that the country is opening up again and events are being scheduled, it’s the perfect time to explore the ways touchless technology has benefitted the convention industry. Let’s take a look at the steps convention centers have taken to improve human health measures and visitor experiences.

Touchless Check-Ins

Touchless technology enables convention centers to add an extra layer of safety to their events with the help of contact-free check-in options. For example, attendees can check in through a mobile app, answer health screening questions before entering the convention center, and utilize touchless hand sanitizing units and temperature monitors to ensure they’re not a health risk to other patrons.

Control Sensors

Through innovative tech developments, presenters and staff at convention centers can utilize sensor controls from an application on a mobile device. Rather than adjusting the lights, air conditioning, and media presentations by touching switches and buttons, individuals can prevent the spread of germs and viruses by handling the controls from their own units.

Hands-Free Facilities

Many convention buildings have installed touchless technology in their restrooms, allowing visitors to enter the bathroom, use the facilities, wash their hands, and leave without touching the same toilets, doors, faucets, and trashcans as other visitors. Reducing the need to touch doors and plumbing elements prevents the spread of illness.

Remote Participation

In addition to smart technology that reduces the need for touch in convention settings, technology has expanded from touchless capabilities to hybrid or remote participation. Some convention centers offer interested parties the ability to participate in the event virtually. This way, people can visit and interact without being physically present in convention buildings.

No-Contact Registration

The physical exchange of money has been a primary method of spreading germs for ages, and thanks to the implementation of touchless technology, visitors and staff can bypass this step. No-contact registration and payment methods make it easy for participants and visitors to register and pay for an event before entering the building. This reduces the spread of germs, the length of lines, and the time spent waiting for entry.

Smart technology is revolutionizing the way that convention centers operate, and the future of touchless tech is rapidly developing. As new technologies are released, convention centers stand to steadily improve in terms of safety and the overall visitor experience.