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How Janitorial Software Promotes Workplace Safety for Convention Center Employees

How Janitorial Software Promotes Workplace Safety for Convention Center Employees

Business owners and managers often fail to appreciate the risks and hazards that janitorial operations present to cleaning staff. While custodial tasks don’t often come to mind as dangerous, an array of workplace hazards are quite common for cleaners. These include:

  • Chemical Exposure
  • Blood-borne & Biological Pathogens
  • Contracting COVID-19
  • Slips & Falls
  • Equipment-Related Injuries
  • Poor Workplace Ventilation

In convention centers, employees are particularly at risk due to the sheer number of people passing through the building at any given time. Limited staff availability and tight time constraints increase the potential for illnesses and injuries.

Fortunately, janitorial management software provides solutions that can significantly reduce workplace safety hazards and enhance custodial performance at the same time.

Promoting Employee (and Visitor) Safety

Part of encouraging safer employee practices involves understanding the way janitorial operations work. Using janitorial software enables custodial management to collect data and reports on facility traffic and the current quality of the janitorial team’s performance.

Using software and data helps to pinpoint concerns and inconsistencies so that managers can address potential hazards and take steps to correct them.

For example, janitorial software can be used to determine when further training is needed and how much time is needed to perform key tasks during janitorial scheduling. Efficient time and task management limit the need to rush from one area of a convention center to another, reducing careless mistakes and avoidable injuries.

Further, with janitorial inspection software, managers can gain insights into janitorial procedures, like ensuring that chemicals are properly diluted, equipment is in working order, and pathogens are cleaned up with the right chemical.

Janitorial Management Software Features

In addition to the scheduling and inventory management features of janitorial software and smart restroom technology, these programs can enhance employee and workplace safety in the following ways:

  • Real-Time Alerts: Alerts notify custodial teams of sudden incidents that need to be immediately addressed (clogged toilets, water leaks, wet floors, etc.), which keeps team members aware of their surroundings and helps limit falls.
  • Corrective Reports: These reports pinpoint potential risks tied to employee performances, which gives management the opportunity to provide training. Reports ultimately correct the issue before it leads to a chemical accident or equipment malfunction.
  • Traffic-Based Scheduling: Scheduling cleaning times during low-traffic times limits the need for custodial staff to rush through cleaning tasks. This reduces the risk of injuries or careless mistakes with chemicals and equipment.
  • Cleaning Data Analysis: Data analysis provides teams with steps they can take to reduce cleaning times, focus on areas of need, and improve the quality of their work without becoming overworked.
  • Inventory Triggers: These notifications alert management when inventory needs to be restocked or reordered. As such, cleaners, soaps, toilet paper, and other hygiene materials are always available, which reduces the spread of pathogens that risk the well-being of staff and visitors alike.

Technological development and innovation pave the way toward the most efficient janitorial practices. Utilizing janitorial software and staying up to date with OSHA guidelines are key components of any custodial improvement plan for convention centers.