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Scott Salamina Director of Business Development | TRAX Analytics

We are thrilled to welcome our new Director of Business Development, Mr. Scott Salamina! Learn about Scott and why he joined the team at TRAX.

Scott Salamina Director of Business Development
Scott Salamina Director of Business Development

Scott was raised in Allen, TX, and attended Lovejoy High School. He graduated from Angelo State University with a bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on Business & Communication. 

Scott spent the past eight years with Aramark, working alongside Minute Maid Park with the Houston Astros and AT&T Center with the San Antonio Spurs. Outside of work, he enjoys attending sporting events, concerts, festivals, and playing golf.

“I’m most excited to find a family & workplace that fosters creativity and utilizes technology to drive innovation. TRAX is constantly challenging all current facilities’ practices to find and build data to create a competitive future for the industry. I’m excited that my knowledge brought me here.”

His best piece of advice for anyone looking to get into sales is to “put your head down and work, build and learn everything that makes your feel uncomfortable. The word “can’t” is an excuse and a limitation we create in our minds to prevent us from doing the things that take us from good to great. My story and journey have only proven that hard-work rewards those who find joy in uncomfortable moments.”