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5 Ways Stadiums Can Enhance the Fan Experience with Technology Upgrades

5 Ways Stadiums Can Enhance the Fan Experience with Technology Upgrades

Since the early days of stadiums, the primary goal of owners and staff has been to ensure guests enjoy their experiences. As technology develops, managers often experiment with the latest programs and tools to continue raising the standard expected when fans visit a stadium.

Let’s examine five ways stadiums can enhance the fan experience with technology.

#1- Smart Stadium Restrooms

Stadium restrooms have plenty of room for improvement, and with smart restroom technology, stadium owners and managers can greatly enhance how restrooms meet guests’ needs. Installing smart devices and monitoring restroom data encourages more productive stadium janitorial operations by ensuring that stadium restrooms are frequently cleaned between high-traffic times.It also repairs breaks and malfunctions immediately, while ensuring restrooms are constantly kept well-stocked with soap, paper towels, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer.

#2- Line Management/Crowd Control

Waiting in long lines was an unavoidable part of visiting a stadium in the recent past. From waiting to check in at the entrance to waiting for restrooms and concessions, standing in line for long periods can sour the experience of visiting a live event for any fan.

Fortunately, stadium technology that monitors and analyzes crowd behavior moves toward enhancing fan experience by enabling staff to anticipate crowd times, redirect individuals to facilities with less traffic, design more orderly wait areas to prevent line-cutting, and ensure that facilities are designed in a way that improves their accessibility.

#3- Cybersecurity Measures

Engineering professionals are helping stadium owners and operators to decrease the risks of facilities experiencing cyber attacks. By creating surveys that analyze current security measures to point out vulnerabilities, cybersecurity providers can design protective tools that enhance the safety of stadium staff, guests, and visiting athletes.

#4- Accessibility Improvements

Much of the goal to improve stadium fan experiences during an event involves eliminating unnecessary hassles and making navigation easier. By redesigning floor plans to include more ramps, walkways, and efficient mezzanine levels, stadiums can simplify the process of moving through the halls and seating areas, as well as improve accessibility for individuals in wheelchairs.

#5- Digital Screens

Because stadiums commonly host thousands of guests, it’s impossible for every seat to be as close to the action as sports fans may want. To provide visitors with a front-row experience without the need for front-row seats, some stadiums have adopted the use of large digital screens that project crisp, clear video of the event so that viewers in the upper levels can see the game in just as much detail as visitors sitting close to the field.

Stadium operations have come a long way since their inception and part of what has kept fans coming back, again and again, is the positive, accommodating experiences they have when seeing an event live. The added conveniences they get to take part in from year to year.

Technology will always play an essential role in stadium management, and operations professionals who stay up to speed on new developments keep providing unique conveniences that enable visitors to view an event like never before.