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Why your venue needs IoT technology

Why Your Venue Needs IoT Technology - by Scott Salamina

To understand how “IoT & APIs” are changing the operation platforms in our industry, we must first establish what they are and how they are currently being used. IoT refers to the Internet of Things & APIs refer to the Application Programming Interface of these technology components. Both play a pivotal role in how our operators, guests, and staff interact with our facility venues. Leveraging these tools gives our operators the tools to make crucial pivoting decisions to maximize our venue’s appeal and guest satisfaction.
TRAX Analytics believes that with the right technology and data, we can empower the front-line associates to create more efficient and effective facility operations through our IoT Technologies. We see that venues connected with IoTs & APIs are at a competitive advantage in leveraging their facility’s operation to pivot based on booking events, scheduling day-to-day operations, and planning for future operational developments.

Stadiums & Arena have the footprint to capture the most data through the pathways our guests use to experience their events. Understanding their involvement with your venue’s spaces and activities has provided quantitative feedback on what is successful and what needs attention. TRAX gives your facility’s operation the digital tools to pivot based on the demands of your venue’s current needs. TRAX agnostic platform gives all media the means to review, learn, and pivot when request demands—finding ways to “Champion” the guest experience with the use of digital interphase allows users to experience events at their pace. Harnessing that data enables your operation to reevaluate the help of staff, spaces, and activities geared at capturing the guest experience. 

Why now, and why TRAX Analytics? In a competitive job market, TRAX has focused on capturing production through the lens of our front-line associates. TRAX has found that when we engage and allow our associates to document their day-to-day production, we build a data-driven platform to acknowledge, review, and coach for tomorrow’s needs. Truly understanding your operation in today’s world starts with capturing each asset’s production. Once that investment has provided a base production value, reviewing and coaching off the data becomes crucial to associate development and department development and quantitatively provides tools to leverage where your operation wants to go.

IoT technologies are an exciting path to the future of how we operate our venues, and embedding practices and procedures to nurture this culture will invite workplace friendship and a “Champion” cultural experience for guests and operators. TRAX Analytics believes that tomorrow is here, and to plan appropriately means analyzing the now and “Champion” a development path for tomorrow’s events.