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How Tech is Shaping the Stadium Experience

How Tech is Shaping the Stadium Experience

In years past, watching a game at the stadium was an experience to covet simply because TV screens were small and held a low-quality picture. But now, with TV screens more significant than ever and personal entertainment becoming increasingly advanced, stadiums have stepped up their game to draw fans out.

New pieces of technology are reshaping the fan experience, and a sports survey conducted by Oracle shows that fans are embracing the new technology.

Shaping the Experience

With the implementation of immersive concepts like VR and AR, fan engagement technology is more futuristic than ever – but there are still strides to be made. For now, here are three technological aspects shaping the stadium experience for fans all over the world.

With the implementation of smart restrooms, stadiums worldwide can meet guests’ needs in a cleaner and more pleasant way. By monitoring restroom data and the number of users, technology can ensure that restrooms are cleaned promptly and kept well-stocked with toilet tissue, hand soap, hand sanitizer, and paper towels.

  • Making the Game Clearer and Closer

As we stated, people favor staying home to watch the game because the camera angles are better. Many would prefer to watch from their couch where they can see all that’s going on rather than sit in the nosebleeds without being able to see a thing.

But sitting at home takes away from experience, so stadiums are finding a way to bring the action closer – even if you’re up in the nosebleeds. Take SoFi Stadium, for example, where the Chargers and Rams play. A 90,000 square foot LED display is installed there that encircles the entire stadium. With that, no one can miss a thing.

  • Preordering Food and Drinks

Trying to squeeze your way through fellow fans in the middle of the action to find the concession stand is one of the downsides of going to a game in person. Digital ordering makes it so you don’t have to miss a thing – just preorder your food and drinks and decide when you want to enjoy them.

  • Mobile Tickets

Printed tickets are stressful. It’s so easy to damage them, lose them, or even get them stolen. Mobile ticketing is the way of the future because your cell phone most likely never leaves your pocket or your purse. Ticketing can’t get much more convenient, and you don’t have to stress about finding a printer at the last minute, either.

A Technological Future

With the influx of technology into the stadium atmosphere, this high-energy, enjoyable fan experience is unlikely to fade anytime soon. Watching from your couch might be comfortable, but there’s nothing like witnessing the event among fans who understand your love of the game.