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What’s the Pulse of your operation?- by Scott Salamina

What’s the Pulse of your operation?- by Scott Salamina

Pulse: “a rhythmical throbbing of the arteries as blood is propelled through them, typically as felt in the wrists or neck.” Or “a single vibration or short burst of sound, electric current, light, or other wave.”

When we began listening and understanding facilities operations, our goal was to find the pulse of what makes it unique. Every team and operation has a character factor that ignites the pulse direction of the operation. What two things do pulse and proactiveness have in common? They function in a rhythmical throbbing of wanting to excel and grow their capabilities. Trax Analytics takes pride in finding this pulse and gearing our solutions to follow a similar rhythmical approach to allow associates to grow their capabilities and operators’ progressive operational development.

Proactiveness can mean and be interpreted in several ways, but this action’s root is pro. Signs of a proactive operation can operate with pivots and problems at a moment’s notice. Trax Analytics connects associates and facilities with an interphase that allows associates to guide their activities and develop their operational pulse. Like all operations, you want the flexibility to pivot when operational requests demand it. When these pivots occur, we rely on our exceptional expertise and planning to produce the intended outcomes. Trax Analytics takes advantage of your operational pivots and provides quantitative data from the associate’s experience and guest feedback. This data allows operators to review, modify, and develop new initiatives to achieve operational goals.

Operational regressions facility operators tend to deal with are time management, operation development, and associate turnover. Managing these unique facilities’ footprints is what motivates, unites, and drives our operational pulse. Trax Analytics develops tools to allow operators to focus on operational growth by enhancing and developing associates’ interactions with the facility. These interactions build independence, accountability, and operational growth within department operations. Growth is best captured when successes are a direct reflection of operational practices. Proactiveness is captured in the daily opportunity to develop and lead your team operation for tomorrow’s opportunities.

The building that is proactiveness in operation must have divergent creativity to allow internal growth and operational scalability. Knowing your operation’s day-to-day production output creates opportunities for associate development, new scope initiatives, and, most importantly, time management. Trax Analytics connects people and spaces to interphase that pushes operators to make the best possible decision for a unique guest experience—targeting the day-to-day interactions and data as a tool to make pivotal decisions for new opportunities. Facilities leadership roles are genuinely a privilege that ignites many of our career passions, although many will never understand. We find joy in the pivots and reminisce on the day-to-day wins our teams accomplish. Leading a facilities operation that champions growth, development, and creativity are the ones that radiate a pulse that spreads throughout the facility and is felt through the smiles of your peers and guest. Reflect, review, and cherish your teams’ daily wins as they are pulses that carry your operation forward.