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"Tis the Season of Dark nights, spooky Scenarios, witchery Aberrations, and Ghost full of blank excuses" - by Scott Salamina

Tis the Season of Dark nights, spooky Scenarios, witchery Aberrations, and Ghost full of blank excuses - by Scott Salamina

For many of us, October marks the start of the holiday season, and TRAX Analytics wants to prepare your operations for the seasons. It’s only fitting to see if your facility is ready for its first Treats. This month brings long nights, new scenarios, uncontrollable aberrations, and excuses that leave us Ghosted. If these treats leave you with goosebumps, chills, or upset stomachs, then you’re not alone.

TRAX Analytics believes listening and learning your operation guides our intuition with solutions best geared towards obtaining your operational goals. While we can’t provide answers to all your “Ghostly Excuses,” we can promise to give you operational practices to pivot when needed without the “witchery Aberrations.” “Spooky Scenarios” are easier to navigate when nights show plans to await the “Full Moons,” and all your delights train for spooky spells.

TRAX Analytics provides a backbone to your team’s operation, not literally but metaphorically. When operational practices become the culture of your operation, then, indeed, you’ve created a space where people thrive. Transparency is an operational tool that gives individuals aspects of adoption, development, and, most importantly, ownership of their responsibilities. Having devices that allow your front-line associates to track and capture their day’s activities provides the data to enable our leaders to champion paths for their facilities’ continued growth and development. The best spells are the ones you have brewing up, let the incantations of your operation be the magic of your witchery spells.    

Like all things spooky and dark, technology continues to excite. Don’t let the noise, out way the bite. Utilize TRAX Analytics as the fuel to your ignite. You won’t ever worry what’s right, because data analytics guides you right. Prepare for the long nights, and have your associates equipped just right.  The moon is only full, when the twilight hits just right.

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