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Flying drones and camera movements

Flying Drones and Camera Movements

Using drones in various avenues is becoming popular due to its efficient results. Arenas and professional sports events are being integrated with drone technology. There are various benefits owing to the enhanced operations. Organizations like the NFL, NBA, NASCAR, MLB, PGA, and more utilize drones to achieve the camera angles and movements necessary for an amazing show, and to bring sports fans closer to the action.

Further Benefits of Drone Usage

While camera movements are an important benefit of drones, there are many more to be had. These include:

● Increased Efficiency

The use of drones has remarkably increased operational efficiency for various arenas. Drones are being used for convenient inspection of several business niches such as monitoring processes,construction, events etc.

● Improved Analytics

Drones provide a bird’s eye view that gives coaches a unique perspective when it comes to the positioning and formations of their players. In an era where analytics do the heavy lifting to improve strategies, and effective strategies mean victories, having this viewpoint is incredibly important.

● Improved Refereeing

More vantage points means accurate calls made by referees, and a more comprehensive view of incidents that occur on the field.

● Alternate Angles

Coordinate one drone with the work of others to achieve numerous perspectives at one time. This provides a well-rounded view of the action, especially if you combine the footage with that of the static cameras.

● Changing The Face of Broadcasting

Drones are an economical way to replace broadcasting helicopters. They fulfill the same duties at a fraction of the cost, and they leave a much less significant ecological footprint. It’s also much safer, as drones can get much closer without the risks associated with helicopters.

● Stadium Delivery

Drones are the future of catering for stadiums. Instead of having to get up and miss the action, in the future you will be able to order from your seat and wait for a drone to bring over your refreshments. This type of advancement isn’t available yet, but in the meantime drones are expected to be able to stock concession stands and even lift heavy items.

● Increased Security

The aerial vantage point can do wonders for security and surveillance at a large event. Drones can also be equipped with optical zoom and thermal imaging cameras in order to monitor crowds, identify potential threats, and collect video evidence.

● Health And Safety Measures

Drones can sanitize large venues in a short amount of time by deploying medical-grade disinfectant spray from the air.

Drones in Arenas and Stadiums

Going into the future, we’ll likely see an increase of drones in stadiums. To discover how Trax Analytics is keeping up with the ever-evolving digital sphere, learn more about us today.