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6 Ways To Improve Stadium Facility Management

6 Ways To Improve Stadium Facility Management

Technology has provided the sports and entertainment industry with a variety of ways to improve management capabilities, increase stadium revenues, and create a better experience for guests.

Let’s look at six stadium management system changes to implement in order to improve stadium outcomes.

#1- Enhance Security

Adding security personnel and devices to your stadium can improve management by enhancing visitor safety. Security professionals, cameras, and checkpoints will not only put visitors at ease during their time at the facility but also reduce the occurrence of vandalism and destruction of property that would otherwise cost money to repair.

#2- Improve Staff Communication

Radios and other digital communication systems can help improve reporting efforts between employees and managers. Even when employees are spread out across the stadium during working hours, digital communication devices save time that staff members would otherwise waste having to track down the specific individual they’re looking for physically.

#3- Incorporate Digital Conveniences

Adding digital conveniences to various sectors of the facility will not only simplify stadium management but also improve visitor experiences. For example, smart restrooms, digital venue maps, overhead digital concessions menus, and the like will add conveniences to stadium visits that would otherwise not exist. These tools make it easier for visitors to find restrooms, walk into a clean and organised facility, and choose the concessions items they want before ever reaching the front of the line.

#4- Utilize Management Software

Facility management software presents an array of modern conveniences associated with managing a stadium. With a user-friendly interface, an organised dashboard, and a transparent task assignment portal, managers can ensure that each staff member is being deployed to complete meaningful work without nearly as much time wasted physically locating employees and relaying instructions.

#5- Add Physical Safety Features

While adding physical safety features the stadium doesn’t yet have may not seem like it will improve management, enhancing visitor and staff safety has far-reaching benefits. By installing guardrails, non-slip surfaces, self-cleaning areas, and digital maps, managers can ensure that visitors and staff members run fewer risks of getting lost or hurt. Fewer injuries and lost attendees save money, free up employee time, and bring stadium visitors back again and again.

#6- Streamline Entry & Ticketing

Using smart technology to speed up stadium entry and ticketing can keep lines from backing up. Not only will fast lines enhance the experience visitors have, but quick lines tend to be safer lines. With less crowding, fall risks are reduced, injury risks are reduced, and there is much less of a chance for guests to contaminate each other (and stadium staff members) with illnesses.

Implementing change takes time and money, so it’s crucial to choose improvements that produce the best results. With technology, facility managers can hardly go wrong when it comes to investing in ways to enhance stadium functions. Stay tuned, and take steps to improve your stadiums as soon as possible.