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Technology is key to Asset Management and Capital Planning in Sports Arenas

Technology is key to Asset Management and Capital Planning in Sports Arenas

In 2022, technology is the asset management solution that every sports arena needs. In order to achieve asset maintenance through a safe, clean, and prepared environment that can accommodate large crowds and a myriad of activities, arenas need to implement top-of-the-line technology solutions, such as inventory management and janitorial management, that Trax Analytics excels in.


The facility managers of such sports arenas are those responsible for daily operations like buying, selling, and leasing facilities. They’re also responsible for facility redesign and construction, along with the supervision of sports facilities and the structure and grounds – including the custodial crew.

That’s a whole lot of jobs for a small number of people, especially if such managers are tasked with managing multiple stadiums or fields.

Technology is the remedy for this imbalance. Relying on pen-and-paper organization techniques is a thing of the past, as technology can handle large operations efficiently, thoroughly, and nearly flawlessly. The right technological solutions can manage daily operations, evaluate project delivery needs, and plan for the arena’s future.

With technology from Trax Analytics, you can track your maintenance costs, identify deficiencies, prevent/predict equipment failures, improve productivity, and reduce downtime.

The Benefits

Here are some benefits that come with introducing technology to manage assets and capital planning in sports arenas:

  • It’s innovative.
    • Using solutions by Trax Analytics, you can change your approach to maintenance, condition assessments, and data collection by shifting toward procurement, financing, capital planning, and operations.
  • It’s efficient.
    • Using technology helps managers become more efficient and more productive. They can work smarter, faster, and with better strategy using tech. Your administration can make better capital planning decisions with important insight into asset data.
  • It’s strategic.
    • With technology, you’ll no longer over-staff your maintenance projects. Instead, your team will have the tools needed to identify deficiencies, analyze assets, and plan for the future.

Utilizing Technology for the Future of Sports Arenas

Trax Analytics wants you to feel confident in the future success of your sports arena, and you can make that happen by using our tools to plan, procure, and manage your facilities. The future will only continue to lean towards using technology as a tool to better not only sports arenas, but the day-to-day experience in general.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our forward-thinking solutions.