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Top Trends in Stadium and Arena Management in 2023

Top Trends in Stadium and Arena Management in 2023

Each year, developments in modern technology promote new practices that were previously unattainable. Let’s take a look at the top trends we can expect to see in 2023 when it comes to stadium and arena management.

Mobile/Digital Conveniences

Mobile technology will continue to be significant when it comes to facility management in sports. Visitors in 2023 can take advantage of conveniences like mobile ticketing, parking passes, and making purchases inside the venue. For example, buying food at the concession stand, betting on the event, and checking out merchandise can all be done via mobile devices. Additionally, spectators can easily pull up team and player stats, participate in fantasy sports, and connect with other fans like never before.

Luxury Elements

On top of more convenient ways to order snacks and drinks, several stadiums seek to expand when it comes to luxury offerings available to visitors. Restaurants, lounges, stores, and other modern amenities will likely start cropping up in popular event venues.

Luxury seating also aims to make guests more comfortable as they enjoy the game they’re viewing. Theater seats may become common in the upper levels of stadiums, and ensuring the availability of nearby amenities can help guests extend their stadium visits due to everything they need being only a short walk away.

Sustainable Practices

Sustainability is a common goal for many stadiums and arenas. By adopting more sustainable practices, stadium management teams aim to cut energy costs, reduce custodial management workloads, and develop safer, more convenient routes around the venue.

Additionally, the mobile device-related conveniences that will come along with stadium upgrades will likely assist in reducing food waste by preparing snacks and drinks as they’re ordered. Reduced food waste may also result in reduced litter, which translates to easier custodial duties.

Sensors and Technology

The use of various pieces of sensor technology aims to simplify arena management by streamlining the guest experience. For one, traffic sensors can keep track of how many people are moving between corridors, recommend easier routes for visitors, and keep track of restroom cleaning needs.

On top of enhancing the conveniences guests can take advantage of, sensor technology also stands to improve the way fans interact with the game itself. For example, sensors can help generate real-time statistics, athlete strategies, and much more.

Technology will continue to enhance practically every aspect of human life, and sporting event viewership is no exception. With sensors, enhanced sustainability, mobile conveniences, and an array of luxury perks, 2023 will likely take the stadium and arena industry to the next level.