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6 Ways Smart Restroom Management Can Future-Proof Your Facility

2021 Smart Trends in Restroom Technology

For sustainable growth, it is essential for businesses to invest in future-proofing facilities. Investing in smart restroom management can help protect your business’s bottom line and ensure that your facilities are up-to-date and prepared for anything. 

Here are six ways restroom monitoring systems can future-proof your facility

Eliminate Paper Waste

By incorporating paperless solutions into your restroom management system, you can reduce paper waste and promote sustainability. Paperless solutions include automated hand dryers, touchless faucets, and digital screens or touchscreens that display information about products and services. These solutions eliminate the need for paper towels, toilet paper, and other disposable items, saving money in the long run.  

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Smart restroom monitoring systems can help reduce maintenance costs by monitoring usage levels in real-time. This allows staff to identify problem areas quickly and address them before they become major issues. Additionally, these systems can detect when supplies need to be replenished so that staff doesn’t have to manually check every restroom each day.   

Increase Safety & Security

Smart restroom management systems can also increase safety and security in a facility by providing real-time alerts when something is amiss. For example, an alert may be sent out if someone has been inside a restroom for an extended period or if there is an increase in traffic at certain times of the day. This allows staff to take action quickly if needed and ensures that restrooms remain secure at all times.   

Improve Hygiene & Cleanliness

Smart restroom management solutions also improve hygiene and cleanliness by automating many of the processes involved with maintaining a clean space. By tracking usage data over time, staff can identify high-traffic areas that require extra attention when it comes to cleaning or restocking supplies such as soap or sanitizer dispensers. Additionally, these systems offer hands-free operation which helps reduce the spread of germs between users.                                 

Save Time & Money

The automation offered by smart restroom management systems saves both time and money by reducing the amount of manual labor required to maintain clean restrooms daily. Automated processes allow staff to focus their energy on other tasks while still ensuring that restrooms are properly cleaned throughout the day without having to constantly monitor them manually.                                                

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Finally, investing in restroom monitoring will help increase customer satisfaction by providing a safe space for people to use while they are visiting your facility. By having access to automated features such as hands-free soap dispensers or digital screens with product information displayed prominently, customers will feel more comfortable knowing that their needs are being taken care of quickly and efficiently without having to wait around for assistance from staff members or search through cluttered shelves looking for what they need on their own accord.