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TRAX Analytics 3.0 - by Scott Salamina

As 2023 has rapidly approached, TRAX Analytics listened, innovated, and captured the essence of speed and integration with our latest 3.0 Release. Stay true to our mission and listen to our clients; we challenged all aspects of our current system to boast our opportunities and support your facility’s growth capabilities.

TRAX Analytics 3.0

TRAX Analytics develops and pushes performance capabilities with 3.0. We make our capabilities by delivering more optimized speed & performance, faster workflows for front-line associates, and more optimized API integration for connected solutions. Our technology ecosystem continues to develop and integrate more connected solutions for our clients as their portfolios increase. Our system aims to be the tool that bridges guests and operators to a more connected facility experience.

As technology continues to innovate our facility landscape capabilities, TRAX analytics work to ensure our systems are prepared for your facility’s desires and innovations. Smart restroom solutions are the center of maximizing that guest experience. While many of us pass restrooms and use them involuntarily, we have found that knowledge can transcend our facilities experience. When demand-driven activity can relay smart monitoring and servicing. You’re best positioning your staff to champion operational processes that allow them to own and achieve your facility’s needs on any given day.

Development is the key to adapting to a landscape that one day will rely on software and APIs to direct tasks for your facility’s needs in real-time intuitively. Adopting and adapting the operational process to allow front-line associates to own their routes, task, and daily projects will enable a workforce to move, grow, and learn to service your facility’s needs. TRAX Analytics 3.0 allowed for faster optimization and increased speed workflows that support the adoption of developing and onboarding associates to lead and document staff growth capabilities.

We are beyond excited for TRAX Analytics 3.0 release for our clients, as their goals and facilities can continue to reach a new level with TRAX Analytics as a part of that vision. We will continue to live by our mission and continuously innovate for the best possible facility solutions.