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The MVPs of the Super Bowl – BOH Edition

The MVPs of the Super Bowl – BOH Edition – by Scott Salamina

As the 2023 Super Bowl has concluded and the NFL has crowned another champion, Trax analytics aims to highlight another MVP. According to Nielsen news, over 113 million viewers watched the Superbowl LVII. Our MVPs will highlight the teams and operations that operate 365. To ensure all the lights are on and 113 million viewers are tuned in to watch a game, each stadium’s environment works as one world-class experience.

In most traditional lenses, an MVP exemplifies an individual who exuberates dominance and plays a crucial role in the outcome of their team’s success. Our MVP’s back-of-house edition will display the “Most versatile people” in their operations. While the operation department has several layers, we aim to highlight the janitorial teams needed to make world-class events seem seemliness. While this is never seamless as operators, we aim to make every pivot just another pulse in the story of our journey.

Most versatile people refer to the operators that make it possible to have clean stadiums and excellent customer service. But, most importantly, ensure that every guest has a champion experience of what your venue can offer when doors open.

Did you know that cleaning teams operate 24hrs post the big game? We will highlight just a couple of the crucial components of prepping and executing this magical day each year, where one MVP and one team will be crowned champions. These host organizations and operators are also crowned with a milestone event that will propel their teams into the possibility of what’s next.

A day in the life of an operator will include pre-shift, event shifts, post-shifts, and then a cycle of project work to prepare the venue for its next big event. Diving into the crews that make it all possible starts with leaders and operators who make it all possible. They rely on their personal experience, team experience, and the organization’s ability to operate at the highest pinnacle.

What does it mean to maintain over a million square feet? Here are some components our MVPs will service and prep to ensure their facility is ready for doors to open. Our MVPs will service over one thousand toilet restrooms, over sixty thousand seats in the bowl, scrub edge all concourse, maintain and service conference rooms, back of house areas, locker room, breakout zones, and premium space; these are just a couple of services to be completed. Not to reluctantly forget all the tons of trash removed after an event of the Superbowl magnitude.

What it takes to execute at the highest level. It takes an ecosystem of successful habits and an organizational vision to motivate and direct operational practices to champion tomorrow’s opportunities. Our unsung MVPs rely on their organizations to lead, support, and educate the chance of “Why” our services are the underline voice of what makes our guests genuinely experience a one-of-a-kind event. These goals and directions provide the ecosystem allowing our services to be completed regardless of the day, shift, and priority. Our teams will work long shifts, clean up behind thousands, and all with a smile knowing their contributions supported the execution of why their organizations can compete to host one of these world-class events.

What are your favorite moments of the Superbowl? Mine is the moment the game concludes and the Confetti is released. At the moment, we witness a complete circle; we indulge in celebration, we are showered with confetti, and at the moment, we can recognize that someone’s dreams were achieved at all levels of the organizations involved.  During the reflection phase, you can identify all the wins that allowed your service to grow, develop, and, most importantly, add that career accomplishment to your belt notch.

While everyone won’t agree on our MVPs, I think we can all agree that it takes an organizational ecosystem of success and vision to continue to guide us to execute. Trax analytics continues to be a partner to help facilities leverage the possibility of what tomorrow can bring—aiming our facility solutions to empower front-line associates to champion their days while providing your facility the data backing to support its organizational goals. Next time you attend an event, I hope you can identify some of our MVPs. As always, let us continue to impact, innovate, and prepare our facilities for tomorrow’s opportunities.