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Please welcome Anish Alexander software engineer to the team

Anish Alexander
Anish Alexander

1. Who are you?

Hi, I’m Anish Alexander, a tech leader with a passion for family, fitness, photography, and mountain biking.  I love staying active and challenging myself both physically and mentally. In my free time, you can find me camping with my son at one of his scouting events, biking at Roswell Big Creek Trail, or immersed in a sci-fi book.

2. Where are you from?

I have had the privilege of experiencing a diverse range of cultures and communities throughout my life.

I was born in India, lived on a rural farm with my pet goat until 3rd grade, when my family and I moved to New York.  After experiencing the hustle and bustle of NY, my family moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee where I experienced a much slower pace of life and made many lifelong friends.  After completing my high school and college education in Chattanooga and a short work period, I moved to midtown Atlanta with my wife, settling down in Alpharetta, where we have been for the past 12 years with our children.  I am grateful for the many experiences and perspectives that have enriched my life, and I am excited to continue exploring new horizons and making meaningful contributions in the years to come.

3. What is your background before TRAX? What is your role at TRAX?

Prior to joining TRAX Analytics, I have led software dev teams across healthcare, retail, and supply chain industries, leveraging Web, Cloud, Mobile and BI technologies.  I was the first technical hire for Alex and Ani during their hyper-growth period. Over three years, I grew the intern development team from scratch to a team of 12, and oversaw numerous development initiatives, including the deployment of a revolutionary mobile POS system that resulted in a 300% improvement in same store YOY sales. I have also successfully led various fast-growing teams, such as starting a new development team in Atlanta, as well as scaling development teams after VC and PE acquisitions. 

4. Fun fact about you

I have won a medal in every 5K race I’ve ran. A staggering large number of… 4 races (/s).

5. Any advice for others looking to enter this field?

If you’re interested in pursuing this field, it’s essential to have a passion for solving complex challenges and a drive for continuous learning, as both are constant. Success often follows when you truly love what you do.  However, it’s important to recognize that engineering is not isolated from the rest of the organization.  To be a successful, it’s crucial to have a well-rounded understanding of both people and business, in addition to technology expertise.