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What we can learn from facility Redundancy’s

What we can learn from facility redundancies - by Scott Salamina

We continue to operate and navigate new technological initiatives geared to build bridges for tomorrow’s sustainability and future growth. TRAX Analytics can’t help but recognize the moment and highlight what we love about facility redundancies.  This blog will highlight how in a facilities world the only constant is the action that needs to be completed. Shedding light on the opportunities we have as operators to impact the redundancies that build the culture of our operation.  

First and foremost, let’s establish the facility’s redundancies we are discussing in facility management. Do you have maintenance operation teams that perform daily, weekly, and maybe bi-weekly tasks that can become repetitive or tedious? Then you understand the essence of motivating and developing a team that embodies the daily challenge of winning the opportunity. While some might say it’s called doing your job, for most of us it’s the challenge and grind this industry brings. Our wins are on the faces of our customers and colleagues whom we can impact.

What seems repetitive in all actuality can’t be denied, the task of cleaning restrooms, offices, hallways, suites, terminals will always remain constant. So, what’s to love about redundancies you may ask? It understanding the solution those tasks solve, and asking the BIG why? TRAX Analytics listens, learns, and truly finds the gold in your operations redundancies. Because the more we can educate our workforce on the “Why” the better purpose and direction we put behind all our initiatives. The power of technology is that its initiatives live in the tasks of our daily operations. Great leaders identify the opportunities they have to impact their organization with solutions for tomorrow opportunities.

Imagine a world where starting your day starts with a facility life check? Maybe a coffee, maybe a team meeting and safety huddle? TRAX analytics brings that day to fruition. With data analytics and real time monitoring of your facility at the palm of your hands. The BIG why once again whispered, because tomorrow’s opportunities lay in the hands of our front-line associates. The redundancies of our tasks fail shed to light on the expertness of our associates. Let’s enable tools that stack production, and combat misses with story board opportunities for our teams to grow from. The best thing about data is it won’t miss the opportunity to tell a story.  

We all operate with similar parameters, when it comes to accomplishing our set operational objectives and goals. We rely on training, past experiences, and most importantly appointed leadership to lead us to new ventures. While we are all running in the same direction, we may be gliding across the landscape that will reshape our front-line approach. The culture and comradery your facility generate are an indirect reaction of the redundancies that make up your operation. Educating the why enables purpose and operational growth among your associates. Just take the opportunity to reflect and ask yourself has the “Why” been a fruition of your journey and success? We are transitioning through a labor period where we have the opportunity to empower our facilities with tools and solutions that allow our associates to champion their task with purpose and direction.