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Facility life cycle in the palm of your hands, building towards a more sustainable future – by Scott Salamina

Facility life cycle in the palm of your hands, building towards a more sustainable future

What a moment in our lives when technology and mobile devices are the tools to behold for many reasons. At the same time, this article will be focused on technology initiatives rather than social media, emails, and memes. I hope you stay stunned by how technology is harnessing this tool to empower a better, sustainable workplace for associates and facility leadership. 

When we dive into our phones, we are drawn in by the need for an actionable task. This same mindset helps guide TRAX Analytics’ intuition for a better-connected workforce through technology integration—the opportunity to develop lives within the desire to increase operational awareness among your staff. The “Why” should be the tool for operational reciprocation. The best learning occurs when a 360 occurs between the ears when the question in your head pauses for its answer. That’s the opportunity we have to connect our associates to their workplaces.

TRAX technology centers around real-time monitoring of your facility’s life cycle. By utilizing our Smart Restroom Technology, we can amply our workforce to operate their days with operational direction. What traditionally relies on a contracted route to determine scope and level of cleanliness is now being directed with activity-based servicing. Equipping your staff with tools to better plan and route their activity allows your team to operate their intentions purposefully. Working for the “Why” helps establish this purpose. Our traditional routes rely on venue awareness by appointed leaders, thus limiting the integrity of individual operators to act with purpose. Allowing for operational understanding gives all associates tools to make decisions based on what they infer from their space activities. While behind the scenes, our system’s data works overtime to provide operational insight into your facility’s daily life cycles and activity.

 What if I told you this is only where the fun begins? What if I told you the data is where you take your operation to new heights? Having a passion for leading teams to push the operational excellence bar has only been amplified with data analytics reporting. Metrically monitoring operational deliverance provides insight to associate development, employee engagement, and, most importantly, functional development.

Exploring the opportunities generated by facility technology initiatives continues to provide data-backed solutions for sustainability. TRAX Analytics believes the engagement tools may be slightly closer than we think. If you want to create a more sustainable future for your facility, contact me today.