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Opportunity Missed with Paper Checklist – by Scott Salamina

Opportunity Missed with Paper Checklist

Over the past couple months TRAX Analytics has had the opportunity to connect with clients in all different verticals under the facility management umbrella. One commonality that continues to be circled around is the use of paper checklists to outline scope needs and daily staff direction. This article will highlight opportunities missed and leveraged by the use of a paper checklist in your operation. New innovation starts with the ability to identify opportunities within your facility operation, some time we overlook the process that brings us all together to accomplish our daily objectives.

The paper checklist lives for several functionalities that help guide and direct our day-to-day actions to ensure our jobs are completed and tasks are directed appropriately. These checklists have been the means of production for a lot of our careers. Jumping on a team call and jotting down all the new needs of facility and then benchmarking those notes into a priority list to be completed. But what if I told you your list doesn’t have a leg to stand on, it’s kind of stagnant, its pretty lonely, and most importantly it can’t communicate progress or accountability?

That’s where TRAX Analytics innovation hopes to ignite operators with digital tools that bring to life to our beloved paper checklist. This opportunity lives within the ability to request, document, and dispatch requests on the go with mobile checklists. TRAX Analytics Clean+Inspect system gives leadership the ability to house all daily schedules and facility requests in one central location. This system transforms a traditional paper checklist into a digital working list that’s catered appropriately to staff members’ roles and job scopes.

What’s to love about a digital working checklist? A checklist that allows multiple users to view, accept, and document task stages with more response than a dash through or a check indicating completion. Clean+Inspect allows users to document all stages of the task, while on the back end the system collects the appropriate data from that action task. These data points are centered around task time, task scope completion, and overall quality of service by all parties involved. Having these tools provides operational transparency to how your operation is growing and developing. These digital tools continue to grow the capabilities within the facility, not only to ensure completion of daily tasks but adding a layer of operational voice to your processes.

TRAX Analytics firmly believes that our innovation is lead by the opportunity to impact all levels and aspects of your facility. These initiatives start with bridging management and associates closer to operations front line. These opportunities are only heightened when our processes allow front line associates to understand the flows, and actions that are needed day to day to maximize the guest experience. Next time you pull out the pen and paper, just remember Innovation lives in the hands of what we are willing to do next. As always let continue to innovate process that bring workforces closer to guest, we impact.