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Ford Land Ford Motor Company
Client: Ford Motor Company
Location: Ford Land, Dearborn, MI
Product: TRAX Clean+Inspect, TRAX SmartRestroom
Contract Length: 1 years + Renews Annually
Project Start Date: June 2021

Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company envisioned a plan to create the “office of the future” at their corporate offices in Dearborn, Mi.. Ford selected TRAX Analytics as their technology partner to provide IOT technology and data analytics June 2021 to create an even more hygienic space.

Because Ford’s corporate offices were recently renovated, TRAX was tasked with implementing technology that was discrete, easy to install, and kept consistent with the aesthetics of each restroom and office.

TRAX provided its TRAX Clean+Inspect and TRAX SmartRestroom modules in sixteen restrooms (16) across four (4) different levels, as well as supported cleaning efforts of offices, conference rooms, and lobby areas to meet the vision for Ford Motor Group.

The TRAX Project Management team installed battery throughput counters, stall occupancy sensors, retrofittable sensors into universal toilet paper and paper towel dispensers, digital signage displays, touchless feedback, and proximity beacons across each of the 16 restrooms. All of the data consumed is sent to the TRAX Platform and mobile application to alert janitors in real time when a restroom is needing to be serviced. Digital signage highlights to patrons when a restroom was actively being serviced, the number of stalls available, if its closed for cleanings, and wayfinds you to the nearest restroom in the event that it is closed.

The TRAX Client Success team provided in depth system wide training so that Ford was well equipped to utilize the mobile application and the TRAX platform to its optimal level. Ford is able to see the status of each sensor located on an individual map of the restroom which allows for janitors to create a more efficient workflow when an alert is triggered.