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Major Janitorial Services in the US Select TRAX Analytics & BLE Indoor Solutions to Improve Operational Efficiencies
Major Janitorial Services in the US Select TRAX Analytics & BLE Indoor Solutions to Improve Operational Efficiencies
TRAX Analytics is an industry leader in transforming how businesses manage their custodial operations and facility cleanliness. TRAX and, the global leader in Bluetooth™ powered IoT services, have partnered to provide digital transformation solutions for the janitorial services industry.

“In a world where the demand for cleanliness is increasing, the TRAX – KONTAKT.IO combined solution is at the forefront of helping janitorial services firms and building operators to create record-keeping of cleanliness, plan for effective routes, and measure performance to improve service.” said Mr. Patrick Trevino VP of Sales & Marketing at TRAX.

Using easy to install, wire-free BLE infrastructure like the Anchor Beacon or BLE enabled Wi-Fi access points where available, it is now possible to enable smart-phones to localize inside buildings. Innovative employee Badge products with built-in Bluetooth capabilities add further flexibility in understanding workflow and service delivery across indoor spaces.

With live IoT data from the Building IoT APIs feeding into the TRAX cloud, it is now possible to achieve digital transformation in cleaning services within days.

“Using IoT to quantify buildings, delivering outcomes through event stream APIs is the cornerstone of any smart-building initiative” said Rom Eizenberg, CRO at, “however the value to building operators and users alike is embedded in brilliant applications. This is why we were thrilled to partner with TRAX. Their innovative cloud application focuses on more efficient and digitally validated building cleanliness – and that could not have come to market in a better time, now when companies look to re-open the corporate building” added Mr. Eizenberg.

TRAX’s cloud applications, delivered as a service, provide janitorial services with the critical tools to digitally stamp workflows, ensuring appropriate staffing for the job, frequency of cleaning visits, utilization based resource allocation and more. Working together with, TRAX has been able to incorporate’s Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology and cloud services into its system, resulting in indoor location visibility out-of-the-box.

Earlier this year, Flagship, Inc was one of the first customers to deploy these innovative digital services. In this case study we show how Flagship, Inc had significant cost savings and service quality improvement in delivering janitorial services in corporate buildings.

About TRAX Analytics

TRAX Analytics ensures quality cleaning service and guest satisfaction by turning the day-to-day management of a facility into a demand-driven process. With the use of smart technologies, mobile applications, and data analysis, we provide teams the tools to improve communication across an organization to identify and monitor trends for a more proactive approach to cleaning and quality assurance. By equipping our clients with state-of-the-art technology and a business intelligence platform, TRAX gives organizations the power to efficiently measure staff and facility performance.

About Inc. is the industry leader in indoor location services and BLE beacons. Their mission is to better connect people, locations and things to improve employees and customers’ experience, save costs, decrease carbon footprint, and increase productivity through innovation. empowers vertical business applications, with open standard APIs and AI-driven event streams to help enterprises accelerate through digital transformation. To their location-aware technology partners, they offer fleet management software, location and condition services, beacons, and gateways to help them focus on core innovation, reducing time to market and costs.

Today, serves over 2,000 customers across diverse sizes and industries, from transportation and logistics to manufacturing, healthcare, airports, governments, and public spaces. They strive to delight people and make a real difference in the world wherever possible by providing an enterprise-tailored software solution scaled to the internet.