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What You Get From TRAX Analytics

  • Real-time data insights for better decision-making
  • Automated scheduling and inventory management to save time and reduce costs
  • Seamless communication among janitorial teams for increased efficiency
  • Customizable solutions for your unique needs and industry

What Others Say About TRAX Analytics

TRAX analytics has helped Flagship to bring real time data and customer feedback to our clients. This is extremely important in a dynamic environment such as an airport. We use that data to optimize our cleaning staff and help to create consistency across the facility

Courtney Wright, FMP

VP of Business Development-Aviation

Unlock the Power of Facility Management

TRAX Analytics offers a comprehensive platform for facility management, empowering users to optimize janitorial operations, track compliance, and measure performance. With expert insights, tools, and resources, users can achieve superior outcomes, reduce costs, and increase sustainability. Visit traxinsights.com to learn more and sign up for exclusive content.

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