Trax Analytics

Stadiums, Arenas & Entertainment Venues

Revolutionize Janitorial Operations with Data



TRAX CleanConnect
enables your team to focus on the day-to-day tasks of their job while conducting facility-wide inspections.


Use smart restroom technology to improve operational efficiency, cleanliness, and overall guest experience.


TRAX CleanConnect provides real-time visualization of staff location and work routes.

Venue Management With TRAX

Venue management is changing to meet the demands of maximizing guest and workplace experience. TRAX has created a platform that allows venues to see new opportunities in operating procedures. With data-driven approach, they are staying ahead of the curve by capturing guest experience at your location or any other attractions you have going on!


TRAX CleanConnect provides facility-wide cleaning capabilities while visually seeing IOT sensor statuses and people movement/location on a facility map.

Capturing Components

  • Integrated venue mapping
  • Staff wayfinding and transition activity log
  • Live time space utilization
  • Real-time staff counts
  • Space utilization forced staff scheduling based on
  • venue activity
  • Seating Bowl activity log – Cleaning & Touchups
Data Utilization 
  • Daily Staff activity reports – production performance measuring tool
  • Data-driven space utilization – Analyze space usage and deploys staff based on thruput count
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly data cleaning report

Data-Driven Solution for Facility Management

TRAX® SmartRestroom

  • Traffic flow & Guest Satisfaction feedback
  • Automated staff space routine checks
  • Automated product dispenser levels notifications
  • Analyze guest thruput and proper staffing levels based on event or venue activity
  • Data-driven space utilization
  • Data-driven reporting and analysis for forecasting staff needs based on space utilization

Clean + Inspect


  • Digitalize Modern Day Checklist
  • Forced Daily schedule to associate devices in real-time
  • Provide digital Data log for cleaning and disinfecting activity
  • Associate daily tracking of spaces cleaned and closed out
  • Associate accountability & Daily task count tracked
  • Associate Time utilized in spaces based on the task completed
  • Real-time cleaning and disinfecting alerts


  • Manager True Visibility
  • Manager Forced scheduling
  • Opportunity for associate development training based on task performed and inspected
  • Department visibility for associates’ daily activities
  • Department Quality Checks
  • Department forecasting is based on time utilized to complete cleaning
  • Opportunity to create associate development progression through tracked data and feedback