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Future of Cleaning

Future of Cleaning

Never has this industry seen such rapid evolution in functionality and sustainability innovation. Just a couple of years ago, color-coded microfiber mops were the way of the future. New emerging technology seems to be released almost weekly, i.e., IoT devices to measure air quality, consumables, and occupancy sensors. How much of these technologies and practices are sustainable?

The cleaning industry is a competitive market; cleaning companies are left to weigh how much this technology is sustainable. Will it give them a competitive advantage to make such investments?

Over the past year, we have helped organizations build innovation portfolios aligning with their capacities and resources—organizations prompt innovation and high-tech processes. Still, few comprehend what it takes to successfully deploy and integrate such changes into their organization’s ecosystem of processes, let alone have a dedicated team member knowledgeable in IoT and technology.

With over a decade in operations with facility management firms focusing on cleaning procedures and incorporating technology to be competitive in a low-margin environment. The next evolution in the cleaning industry has arrived. We see a dramatic shift from scheduled-based to demand-based cleaning using the power of data analytics. Remember when cleaners had to make tunnels and corridors to move around a property? Guests want to know, see, and feel comfortable that areas are being serviced regularly. Let us not hide the cleaning process; let us showcase it!

Analysts believe that the cleaning industry will continue to grow—and the demand for efficient, quality service will grow along with it.