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5 New Ways to Automate Your Facilities Management

5 New Ways to Automate Your Facilities Management

Managing extensive facilities comes with a long list of responsibilities, and managers are often relieved when new technologies that aim to simplify the process become available. Intelligent features are frequently being developed and released, and as such, new technologies are regularly available to help reduce human workloads.

Take a look at five new ways to utilize technology to automate aspects of facility management.

#1 - Inventory Monitoring

Automation capabilities make it where custodial staff members do not have to manually keep track of inventory levels throughout the facilities they service. The inventory automation feature monitors the amount of facility-specific items utilized and held in storage. Once levels become low enough, restocking or reordering notifications trigger.

#2 - Shift Organization

Smart systems allow custodial teams to collaborate more easily through a single dashboard. In doing so, managers can keep track of how many staff members work on a given shift, arrange replacements for staff absence, and organize break times in a way that still enables staff to complete as efficiently as possible.

#3 - Efficiency Reports

Data collected is organized from past custodial tasks and generates efficiency reports. Data reports help ensure that work is done throughout each facility and how much time is needed per task.

Additionally, efficiency reports can help custodial teams determine their most effective qualities and review areas where improvements are needed.

#4 - Capacity Management

Technology has made it to where it’s easy to monitor the traffic that passes through a facility at a given time. With capacity management, custodial teams can plan to dedicate longer cleaning times to areas that are most in need.

Capacity warnings can also trigger to let guests know which restroom facilities are currently at low capacity in order to shorten restroom wait times and ensure that enough inventory is available for a comfortable experience.

#5 - Touchless Technology

Touchless technology not only enhances the convenience of public facilities but also aids in preventing the spread of bacteria. Touchless sinks, toilets, soaps, and paper towel dispensers allow guests to use the facilities without contaminating their hands. On top of reducing the spread of bacteria throughout the facility, touchless technology also helps reduce inventory waste, tripping hazards from spilled water, and clogged toilets.

Automation helps to reduce custodial workloads without reducing the quality of work performed. By automating tasks that do not require human labor, facility managers are more equipped to dispatch custodial teams where they’re most needed. This improvement in worker efficiency makes for a cleaner facility, a reduction in waste, and a more positive guest experience.