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Get Green! How to Sustainably Clean a Convention Center

Get Green! How to Sustainably Clean a Convention Center

Green cleaning has been a popular approach in home settings for years. More recently, custodial managers in commercial and industrial buildings are also seeking ways to reduce waste production, air and water pollution, and the spread of harmful microorganisms through greener cleaning practices.

Even in areas as large and widely trafficked as convention centers, custodial teams explore and implement eco-friendly sanitation practices.

Let’s explore some of the newest developments in convention center sanitation.

Eco-Friendly Chemicals

Many janitorial services have started employing more environmentally friendly cleaning agents. Harsh chemical components are no longer necessary to ensure a hygienic environment for convention center guests. Concentrated green cleaners are not only designed to be diluted (which extends the life of the product), but the use of eco-safe agents also helps to improve the air quality in convention centers.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

One of the most effective ways to strive for sustainability through sanitation services is by decreasing the garbage production. Reducing waste can be achieved in several ways:
  • Buying and using custodial tools and products that come with less unnecessary packaging than other brands
  • Abandoning single-use tools and materials in favor of reusable mop heads, cloths, dusters, etc.
  • Shopping for cleaners that come in recyclable containers, buying paper products sourced from recycled materials, and utilizing recycling bins throughout the facility

Water Conservation

Water conservation is a fundamental goal in sustainable cleaning practices. For example, installing water-saving restroom features (like sinks and toilets) and motion activation capabilities can decrease waste throughout the event building. 

Touchless cleaning features, like electrostatic sprayers, also assist custodial teams in reducing their water usage during cleaning sessions.

Additionally, replacing water-wasting custodial equipment with more environmentally innovative tools is applicable for mops and vacuum systems. 

Green Technology

Technological advancements go hand in hand with green janitorial services. For example, custodial teams can use smart devices to monitor traffic throughout convention centers, notify team members when repairs or sanitation services are needed, and keep hygienic items adequately stocked.

Touchless devices like toilet flush indicators, sinks, doors, and hand sanitizer dispensers limit the accumulation of bacteria on surfaces, reducing the amount of cleaning solution needed to ensure adequate sanitation.

Keeping convention centers clean can be accomplished without causing unnecessary water waste, air pollution, or increasing the volume of plastics and paper in landfills. In addition, green cleaning implementation provides custodial teams with solutions that satisfy hygiene demands and reduces our carbon footprint.