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8 Ways IoT Technology Can Benefit School Facilities

8 Ways IoT Technology Can Benefit School Facilities

The education industry is often overlooked when tech professionals explore the capabilities of new developments, despite education being one of the key sectors that stands to benefit from the implementation of new technologies.

IoT, for example, offers countless avenues for innovation in schools. Let’s briefly explore eight ways that IoT technology can improve school facilities.

#1- Attendance Tracking

IoT technology enables teachers to track student attendance from class to class more easily. Unlike manual roll call, an automatic attendance recording system saves time and prevents errors.

#2- Distance Learning

An organized system can allow school facilities to offer class access to distance learners just as effectively as students attending in-person lectures.

#3- Enhanced Interactivity

IoT technology can enhance interactivity among students through the diversification of lesson mediums. For example, enabling students to participate in smartphone-based applications encourages them to interact with classmates and promotes knowledge retention.

#4- Safety Protocols

School facilities management teams can employ IoT technology to monitor surveillance more effectively. When questionable activity gets recorded on the school’s camera system, notifications can trigger faster intervention.

#5- Activity Monitoring

IoT technology can allow teachers to monitor student activity during lectures. By limiting activities unrelated to school, staff can prevent distractions and enhance the overall learning experience.

#6- Modernized Approaches

Much of today’s approach to education is highly outdated and does not embrace students’ individual strengths. With IoT implementation, schools can modernize the way students learn by promoting visual learning, hands-on learning, social learning, and other unique styles.

#7- Organized Planning

Lesson planning and class organization can be overwhelming for teachers, especially those who instruct several large classes each day. Utilizing IoT technology for organization purposes can make it easier for educators to organize their lesson plans, keep track of assignments, record grades, and develop more productive schedules.

#8- Energy Efficiency

Finally, IoT technology can improve the physical environment in schools. Connected lighting and devices can be timed and automated so that when certain rooms are scheduled to be vacant, the lighting and other utilities are turned off. School maintenance staff can save time that they’d ordinarily spend turning off lights and devices, and the school itself can take advantage of better energy practices.
IoT can serve a vast number of functions in an educational setting. From safety protocols and efficiency measures in physical schools to the ability to cater to the unique needs of students, IoT technology is an essential tool in the pursuit of a healthy learning environment. As these technological capabilities continue to develop and diversify, the entirety of the education industry will reap the benefits.